Getting Ahead Of The Skills Gap: Future-Proof Careers

Getting Ahead Of The Skills Gap: Future-Proof Careers

The world is advancing at a rapid rate, from artificial intelligence (AI)and5G wireless networks to robotics and automation, new technologies are constantly being developed, leaving many Canadians to wonder about the staying power of their chosen career pathand if now is the time to make a switch.

Don’t want to give up on your current role just yet? Upskilling and remaining a lifelong learner will benefit you no matter what job market you find yourself in. By acquiring new digital and technical skills that are highly sought after or emerging in your field, you ensure your skillset remains relevant and that you are able to keep that competitive edge within your industry. Similarly, by learning transferrable soft skills such as leadership, emotional intelligence, communication, time management, and strategy,you’ll be able to set yourself apart from the competition and have the power to grow your career in your chosen sector.

On the flip side, if you’re juststarting your professional career or looking to make a change, consider the security of a future-proof job, one that will remain unaffected by (and/orkeep up with) today’s technological advancements.

What is a Future-Proof Job?

A future-proof job is one that continues to be in demand even as the job market changes and technology continues to advance.The skills required remain consistent and past experience remains relevant.

A future-proof job is one that continues to be in demand even as the job market changes and technology continues to advance.The skills required remain consistent and past experience remains relevant.

1. Teacher

Teachers will continue toplay an important role in the growth and development of children and students all over the world. While a teacher will be expected to adapt to technological advancements and new educational tools and programs, the role of a teacher will remain an important one, withstanding the test of time.

2. Healthcare

If the infamous COVID-19 pandemic taught us anything, a career in healthcare is certainly future-proof in today’s fast-paced world. The human body is complex, and administering medical care requires observation and direct communication with the patient.Regardless of the advancements in AI, there will always be a demand for medically trained doctors, nurses and other health-care professionals where human interaction is essential and cannot be fully replaced by amachine or automated device.

3. Data scientists

Companies of all sizes collect huge amounts of information that need to be processed and analyzed. As the digitization of businesses continues to rise, data scientists will remain in high demand. A data scientist is able to find relevant insights and predict market trends and consumer behavior, informing important business decisions.

4. Technology

As the old adage goes, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em – the technology industry, that is! Technology is here to stay, at least for the forseeable future, and so are jobs in the tech industry. There are many jobs that fall under this category including IT support, project management, cybersecurity, mechanical engineer, video game developer and so much more.

5. Chef

The art of cooking is another area that will continue to grow and flourish. Cooking is a talent that the growth of artificial intelligence cannot mimic, and so the demand for this creative (and tasty) art will continue to prosper.

6. Sustainability advisor

Cities, communities, and businesses alike need to reduce their energy consumption, carbon emissions, and their impact on the environment. Sustainability professionals are essential to helping businesses and governments achieve their environmental targets and goals.

7. Marketing professional

Although recent advancements in AI, such as ChatGPT, appear to be a threat to the industry, these technologies are not capable of original thought and creativity in the same way as humans. As such, the creative field of marketing will continue to evolve within the digital world, remaining a promising market for graphic designers, social media professionals, strategists, account managers, and more.

8. Human Resources

As long as organizations continue to thrive, and employees need to be recruited, vetted, and hired, there will always be a need for Human Resource professionals. Hiring isn’t their only responsibility, in many cases they also play an important role in bringing an organization’s culture, values, and DEI practices to life, while also supporting the wellness of their staff.

The future

Nothing remains static, and the pandemic has certainly taught us that much can change at the speed of lightning.To survive and thrive in today’s job market, you must be able to anticipate what is coming next and what the future might have in store. Choosing a career that is future-proof will require you to take note of these changes, and pivot into areas that will allow you to keep up with the pace of the world.

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